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Addiction Friend advisers have access to leading treatment programmes around the world, including premium and luxury facilities. Get instant access to private and confidential rehabs with the facilities and skills required to help you beat your addiction.

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You can feel comfortable opening up in a judgement-free environment where you can be sure that any information you share with us is in confidence. We’re always available to answer your questions, discuss concerns and offer assistance throughout the entire recovery process from initial contact to completion of an aftercare program.


Free and Independent Addiction Advice

We will give you honest and accurate advice on treatment options that are right for you as an individual. All services offered by addictionfriend are 100% free to use. We are also independent of treatment service providers which lets us give you the best possible advice and support at all times.


Simple Rehab Admission Process


addictionfriend make the whole process of finding help and entering treatment as easy as possible. We remove all the stress by doing all the hard work for you and taking care of all the details in a few simple steps. Gain access to drug rehab centres, alcohol rehabs and programs for overcoming behavioural addictions like gambling and eating disorders.

International Drug and Alcohol Rehabs

an exclusive drug rehab centre in asia

Addiction treatment services abroad can offer amazing value on a like-for-like basis. They generally provide better facilities and a level of luxury beyond what can be found in Holland. addictionfriend has many options available through our international network of world class treatment providers that offer great value and a high level of care at an affordable price.

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Why Is addictionfriend the Preferred Choice?

We can find the best treatment for you
We are ethically minded
We support you and your family
We screen rehabs before we recommend them
We know what it feels like
We offer a free and independent service

Is Rehab the Best Option?

If you are serious about recovery and your addiction requires it, rehab is likely to be your best option. Long-term care in a residential rehab facility has been proven to be a highly effective way of recovering from addiction. By removing yourself from your current environment you can focus 100% on recovery.


Residential Inpatient Rehab

Focus 100% on recovery at an inpatient rehabilitation clinic under 24/7 supervision and care. Programmes are available for drug addictions, alcoholism and behavioural disorders including problem gambling and eating disorders.


Outpatient Addiction Treatment and Counselling

Outpatient rehabilitation can be an effective form of treatment, especially where there are limitations on one’s ability to enter an inpatient program for an extended time due to work or family commitments. Treatment involves attendance during the day before returning home or to a sober living facility during the evening. Outpatient rehab is particularly effective for early-stage addicts.